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Video Marketing

The importance of Video Marketing has evolved significantly in the past couple years. Most brand name companies have marketed and been successful with some form of video marketing in the past, and it has become a main common source of content on multiple social media platforms. Video marketing may be unveiled to some, but it holds the potential to build and promote your brand remarkably. Since 2017, this form of marketing has soared, and this signaled around 77% of small businesses to eagerly take part in creating their own video content to market. Techanic understands the needs of small businesses, and we aim to introduce our best and most fit video marketing strategy personalized for their goals. Businesses large or small, who wish to immerse themselves into the growing scene of Video Marketing, Techanic can cater specifically to your needs.

Successful Video Marketing Provides:

Increased Audience Connection - To better the audience connection, you need content that speaks to the customer, and that reflects the company and its customers. By having content that does speak to the audience, it builds a stronger bond between the consumer and the company.

Boost Click-Through’s - From a 2017 marketing study, emails with video attachments mentioned in the subject line has a 19% probability rate of being opened and a increase in click-throughs to 65%.

Boost Audience Retention - If a customer trusts your brand, then this can boost customer retention. Video content has the ability to retain audiences based on what they see and hear. We have a 65% probability of remembering what we saw or heard for up to three days following.

Videos serve as SEO Tool - Picture the increase in interaction. More people liking and sharing posts, and a boosted flow of traffic onto your website. Video Marketing also helps build backlinks, keywords, tags, and more that can affect search rankings.

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Options to Video Marketing Campaigns

Brand Videos

These showcase a company's main focus as well as promote their products or services. Brand Videos aim to bring awareness to a product or brand while intriguing the audience.

Event Videos

Typically used with larger campaigns, these are still useful to shine light on occurrences, whether fundraiser, conference, or more.

Live Videos / Live Streams

Live videos have become popular because they give the audience a more immersed feel compared to normal videos. These types of videos provide the audience with a behind the scene type viewpoint that may urge them more to engage. Common platforms like Facebook and Youtube have become popular for live videos because they allow you to leave real time comments or questions, and even interact with other audience members.

Demo Videos

These are used for advertisement purposes to help showcase a product that will interest viewers.
As video marketing only expands, Techanic is prepared to cater to your company’s needs with a variety of different video marketing strategies. Always tailored to your business, not everyone is the same

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