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SEO Put Simply

A powerful tool, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization manages the quality and quantity of traffic going to a website. The general idea is understanding and implementing the right SEO practices to benefit a company and this is generally done by focusing on:

Traffic Quality

Attracting the right people and desired target audience to a website, due to their interest in the company, service, or product.

Organic Results

Organic traffic is free, and comes natural to the company. The higher the interests, the more traffic will come natural to the site.

Traffic Quantity

This describes funneling the right amount of people to a website based on search engine results. The higher traffic to the website, the better.
Techanic strives to find and perfect a company’s SEO blueprint by reviewing their products and services; assessing the company’s strong and weak areas; compiling this valuable data, and producing a SEO strategy catered specifically for that business

Types of SEO

We find On Page SEO and Off Page SEO to play important roles in a strong SEO strategy. On Page SEO generally consists of tactics like keyword use, tags & meta descriptions, and content for a website. We optimize this info for a website to improve its search ranking, page performance, structure, and quality of content.
Trimming Trimming

Keyword Importance

Correct keyword optimization is a vital factor to On Page SEO because a company does not want to lose sight on what the audience is searching for. A better pattern seen today that copes with today's internet traffic would be long-tailed keywords.

Off Page SEO pertains to page ranking tactics outside of one's website. Social Media for example, is a tool used outside of a company’s website for promotion methods. Social media posts are a common way to create clicks and generate higher traffic to a website. Another Off Page SEO tactic seen commonly would be backlinking. This is viewed by a website linking out to another domain from their content, possibly boosting search ranking. This can be done in various ways, one of them being blogging.

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO can determine what a website ranks for, and how well they will be ranked. A chart below can put this into better picture for you:
Taken From: Digital Third Coast

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