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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics have become outdated, and marketers have moved on to a new way of thinking, which is through content marketing. It is not as simple as pitching your product or service anymore, now you want information relevant to your target audience that attracts their needs or wants. Well known companies like Apple, Samsung, and Mercedes use some form of content marketing strategy to promote their products. It is just as important for small companies to implement these strategies as it is for big corporations. What is the reason for this? It works! Techanic is a system that helps marketers and entrepreneurs create effective and efficient content marketing strategies.

Content is Important

Made simple, content marketing is a technique that is used to create and deliver constant, relatable content to a desired audience. When relatable content is delivered to the correct audience, it generally boosts the businesses website traffic and ultimately increases revenue. Some may consider this content valuable because it differs from that of normal marketing campaigns or regular advertisements. Content becomes valuable when it is inquired about and it becomes consumed by its audience. Multiple pages of content is no good if it generates no interests and no one has a desire to read it.

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Content Potential

Content Marketing is usually the starting point of a buying cycle that persuades an audience to engage and buy. Making customers aware of their needs and wants is the first approach to delivering information to them that they were not aware they needed. Second, after the customer is aware of their needs, the research stage usually follows. They learn more about what was presented to them, and then they usually compare with other competitor products or services in the market. Last, it becomes the client’s decision whether or not to buy the offer. This process only benefits and rewards the company if the correct content marketing techniques were executed.

Three Factors to Good Content

Every successful content marketing strategy stands on three main factors:

Better Customers Lead To Stronger Brand Loyalty:

Providing valuable information for viewers to read has proved to build loyalty and a commitment to the service or product.

Bigger Chance of Increased Sales:

Now that higher volumes of traffic are landing on your website, you are prone for an increase in future profits.


The earlier you create a strong content strategy, the more money you will save from there on.
Cinque Terre

Techanic Expertise

Based on a 2020 statistical marketing report, infographics are liked and shared three times faster on mainstream social media versus traditional forms of content. In the past, there has been a 50 to 58% increase in content usage within 12 months. Podcasts have become well known, and show good promise. Podcasts have also taken a preferred style of producing content, and presented it to a preferred audience that the product suits.
The importance of content marketing cannot be stressed more. Think about it this way, the average person remembers about 20% of what they hear, about 30% of what they may see, and about 70% of what they hear and see together. That being said, we effectively receive information this way. Techanic strives to be a system that acknowledges new trends to content marketing to suit their client’s ideas, goals, and future prospects.

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