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Lakeland Facebook Ads And Retargeting

Today, Facebook ads are one of the most popular ways for a business to advertise itself. Based on the numbers, it is easy to see why. It is reported that over two billion users actively use Facebook each month. What we can apply to these numbers is that there will always be someone to sell to. Picture your business with just a tiny fraction of those users visiting your website directly.
Creating a personalized Facebook Ads account to promote your business is one of the first steps in the right direction, and if executed right it can be a great boost towards your digital marketing. Below we cover a great aspect and powerful tactic to Facebook marketing: ad retargeting.

What is Facebook Retargeting?

You have likely noticed that sometimes when surfing the web, ads will appear from a new website you were visiting earlier. This is considered ad retargeting. This form of advertisement is highly effective for conversions and companies trying to rehook their audience.
Ad retargeting campaigns consist of presenting ads to users who were previously surfing your website. Retargeting is performed by embedding a “browser cookie” on the visitors, who will then be presented with an advertisement for that business when they are later scrolling Facebook.

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According to studies, only two percent of first-time visitors make a purchase on that website. Ad retargeting campaigns aim to up those numbers, inviting those visitors back, reminding them of their need or desire for the product, and increasing chances of conversion by doing so. There may be many people interested in your product, but not ready to buy. Most of the time you are competing against larger brands, so reminding your audience that you exist can be critical.
Selling your product to an individual who enjoys it may turn around and direct their family, friends, or following to your website. This very realistic scenario can be referred to as a “hidden gem”. Retargeting can provide scenarios like this, and this is what we push for your business to achieve.
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How Do I Start A Facebook Retargeting Campaign?

This tends to be a common question presented to us, and the common answer would be: it's complicated. Anyone can try to start their own retargeting, but the hard truth is most will struggle to be successful. Setting up a campaign can be fairly easy, but perfecting the process and presenting it to the right audience is where most tend to fall.
Some basic steps to setting up a retargeting campaign would be:
Set Up an Ads Manager Account on Facebook
Find Your Way to Audiences, and Create Your Custom Audience
Choose the Traffic You Would Like to Target
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You must keep in mind, if you do not have the Facebook code on your website, retargeting will not be an option. Certain industries are not allowed to retarget customers without first getting permission, this is typically seen in financial institutions. If you happen to have this already set up, creating a retargeting campaign should start even smoother for you.
The common problem is not that business owners are incapable of running their own campaign, but is that you get the right people added to your campaign. Creating an ideal target audience and focusing on this information is what's needed. We come into play here. By taking the information you have presented us with, we can sculpt it into a smooth and perfect campaign. Our Facebook ad manager at Techanic will help you manage your account to assure everything is set up correct, so the only thing to worry about is running your business
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What is an Ad Manager Account?

An ad manager account is the hub for all managing aspects of your Facebook ads. Here you can create ads, view your reports, and make your website interact with Facebook ads. Facebook ads and retargeting in Lakeland can become difficult, not to mention expensive to get correct, so why waste money when you can do it correctly from the beginning.
Deciding on a Facebook ad manager in Lakeland can take the stress and headache away from this. Techanic offers Facebook Ad managing and retargeting to clients in need of ad management and creation.
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What other Digital Marketing Do We Offer?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a method of marketing where a website pays a small fee every time someone clicks their ad. The idea is that clicks will generate revenue when people make purchases. This method can be successful when intended results fall into place. It may sound strange at first to be paying for clicks, but the sales gained typically heavily outweighs the cost of clicks. To add to this, PPC offers retargeting, which involves serving ads to web goers who have already viewed your site.
PPC advertising corresponds to Google Adsense and Facebook Ads, both are replied on by numerous companies to get people to visit their website. Both operate based on user interests, for example, if someone was looking for headlight bulbs, they may get ads from businesses that sell headlight bulbs or whole headlight housings. They also match ads with users of a certain demographic. With advertising this intelligent and narrowable, PPC ad services can generate exposure to people interested in your product or services.
PPC advertising should really be a consideration for companies that have already received positive feedback already. Potential for increased traffic and revenue will waive the “paid” part of PPC.
With social media rapidly growing like it is today, video content can be critical to your business,and it helps tell a full story. Video marketing can be widely profitable, and with the right tactics you can keep your viewers involved, boost search rankings, and convert viewers into customers. Video Marketing lets you interact with customers, and helps build stronger brand loyalty versus normal advertising tactics. The customer feels more immersed into the advertisement, and like it is more directed at them. Good video needs good marketing. Find out how Techanic can help with your Video marketing needs.

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